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    Newsletter No. 1, Friday 6th September
    6th September 2019

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Term Dates

Autumn term 2020
Starts Wednesday 2 September 2020 (1 Sep is a Teacher Training Day)
Half term Monday 26 October 2020 to Friday 30 October 2020
Ends Friday 18 December 2020
Christmas holiday Monday 21 December 2019 to Monday 4 January 2020


Spring term 2021
Starts Tuesday 5 January 2021 (4 Jan is a Teacher Training Day)
Half term Monday 15 February 2021 to Friday 19 February 2021
Ends Thursday 1 April 2021
Spring (Easter) holiday Friday 2 April 2021 to Friday 16 April 2021


Summer term 2021
Starts Tuesday20th April 2021 (Monday is INSET)
Half term


Monday 31 May 2021 to Friday 4 June 2021

Friday 2nd July

Ends Wednesday 21 July 2021


We have had a number of questions asked on a regular basis by parents new to the school. Here are some answers.

Please feel free to send any feedback using the Website Feedback form, if more information is required and we will add it to this page.

What is the time of the School Day?
Children at the Annexe can enter school from 8.50 while the Main Site play outside until the whistle is blown at 9.00am. Children are supervised on the Main Site playgrounds from 8.50am. In wet weather the children can enter from 8.50 am.

When are SATs Tests held in school?
These end of year assessments are usually done in May. Year 2 and Year 6 parents have the results included in the Annual Report on their child.

What are DBS Checks?
If you volunteer your services to a member of staff, you will need to register with the office in order for us either to view your DBS check or arrange for one to be completed. This is obviously VERY important for the safety of our children and we thank you for your support.

Can we bring dogs into school?
The school grounds are a Dog Free Site. Please ensure all dogs are kept outside the gates and on the opposite side of the path to the school.

Do we hold Open mornings/afternoons at school?
Yes, it is your chance to come into school to have a look at what goes on throughout the school on a normal working day. Staff and governors are available to talk to.

We also are happy at any time to show prospective parents and pupils around the school just contact us to make an appointment.

What are Non School Uniform & Bring a Bottle days?
Organised to collect bottles for the School Summer or Christmas Fayre, in return for not wearing school uniform, the children bring in bottle, chocolate or filled mug, as requested. This is organised by the Friends of the School.

Who are the Friends Of the School?
A group of parents/ friends who organise fundraising activities to raise money for the school.

Wht are Pebble points/ merits/stars and rockets?
Reward names used within the school.

Does the school hold Services at St. Peter’s Church?
Each term we have a service at the church, these being Christmas, Easter, St. Peter’s Day and sometimes at the end of term. Parents are welcome to attend – information is provided on the weekly newsletters.

What is the whole school sponsored Walk/ Swim
This is generally an annual activity organised to raise money for a named charity or the school.

IS there a School Council?
The views of the children at Wellesbourne are taken very seriously on a range of issues. The School Council is a group of nominated children from across the school who discuss school issues with staff on a weekly basis to inform improvements at the school.

Can we take children on holidays in School Time?
Holiday in school time can be requested via a Holiday Form available at the school office, but it is not an automatic entitlement. Authorisation depends on the year of the pupil, time of year and previous attendance rate. Additional work will not be set by teachers for such absences.

Are there School Assemblies?

Parents are welcome to attend Friday assemblies, due to rapid increase in pupil numbers at the school we have made adjustments to Friday assemblies. They are as follows:
KS1 will be every Friday at 9.10am
KS2 will be every Friday at 2.45pm.
Assemblies involve each class taking it in turns to hold the assembly organised by the class teacher. The children also receive any star of the week certificates that they have earnt. Certificates from major achievements outside school are also celebrated.

Are there any After School Clubs?
A wide range of clubs are available after school for children, ranging from recorders, textiles, ICT and many sporting opportunities. A letter is sent out each term for parents to request a place. There is a minimal charge for these activities.


Swimming Pool
At Wellesbourne we are fortunate to have our own indoor heated swimming pool with full changing facilities and expert outside swimming coaches. All children from Reception (summer term) to Year 5 swim.

ICT Facilities
The school currently benefits from a mobile bank of 30 laptops at main site and at an ICT suite at the annex alongside wireless networks, ipads, laptops and interactive whiteboards which enhance the teaching of ICT across the school.

PE Facilities
We have high jump and long jump pitches alongside large playing fields for football, rugby, rounders and athletics. 3 playgrounds allow a variety of outdoor games to be played including tennis and netball as well as multi sport skill development. Outdoor play equipment and adventure trails are provided at both sites for use at playtimes.

Wildlife area
Our refurbished pond area allows scientific exploration by children of all ages at the school in a safe environment.

Rainbow Garden

There is also a quiet garden area which can be accessed at playtimes or is used as an outdoor classroom. It is a place children can reflect, work quietly or just sit and relax.

Friends of Wellesbourne Primary and Nursery School (PTA)

The school is very fortunate to have the Friends of Wellesbourne School, a wonderful group of volunteers who give up their time to support the school and our community. The main purpose of the Friends is to arrange social events, for fundraising, which bring together parents, staff, pupils and the Wellesbourne supportive community for a number of fun activities. We are keen to include all members of the community and previous students in the fundraising and support activities we offer to the school and its pupils.

The Friends is a resource for all Wellesbourne school families; we aim to provide information, assistance, and friendship for newcomers as they transition into the Wellesbourne school community.

Thanks to the support of the Wellesbourne community, the Friends are able to raise funds for projects which significantly enhance the school experience but which would otherwise have to wait until the necessary funds were available or not happen at all. Requests for expenditure are made at the meetings, and approved or rejected after discussion.

This Year’s Committee Is:

Chair: Sam Bates and Sharon Bopari

Vice Chair:

Secretary: Louise Barbour

Treasurer: Kim Allsopp

Goals for this year 2021: Funding for ICT Equipment 


The Friends funding support projects old and new:

Books for KS1 and KS2 – both guided reading and home reading books

Accelerated Reader funding

Sports equipment
PA and sound system
Outdoor/ garden classroom
ICT equipment and training
Ice creams for all the pupils for at the school Pantomime trip
Educational speakers and artist visits
County music school for year 3



Friends services include:

The Freedom and Information Chat – new starters and back to school meet up
Christmas Fayre
School Discos
Second Hand Uniform sales
Smarties Quiz Night
Family Quiz
Wellesbourne Calendar
Easter Egg Hunt
Sports Days help and refreshments
Summer Fayre
Fabric collection
Non Uniform Days
Easyfundraising Online



The mission of the Wellesbourne PTA:

Welcomes new families

Promote a spirit of community by offering assistance, information, and friendship

Encourage the parental and community related support and participation to be able to enrich the educational experiences of the school children

Supports and enhances the school program through specific project funding support

To fundraise for school projects requiring financial assistance, from the money raised by the Friends support the ‘extras’ that the school would not normally be able to afford.

We encourage the social – development – musical – fun elements as well as the education ones.

Below are four reasons you should get involved….

1. The Friends is one of the best ways of getting to know people and forming new friendships within the school. It is so easy when you are all mucking in together and either having a good laugh or a good panic!

2. There is no pressure to get heavily involved. You can help a little, or help a lot. You can volunteer to organise the whole raffle or just to fold the tickets, run the whole fair or man a stall, entirely up to you.

3. Being involved in the Friends, in either a small or a large way, is a fabulous opportunity to put your skills and hobbies to good use, or even better still, learn new skills.

4. The meetings are not too often, not too long, not obligatory, and not at all formal.

How to access Parentmail

How do I register?


  • From the main click the ‘Parents’ button at the bottom of the screen, next to the ‘Schools’ Button.
  • From the next screen click the ‘Register’ button.
  • To read our terms and conditions click the blue ‘Terms & conditions’ text.
  • Read carefully the terms of use and click the ‘Accept’ if you agree or the ‘Decline’ if you do not.
  • Enter you name surname as prompted – this is used to identify you to your schools.
  • Enter your FULL email address ie. or
  • PLEASE take great care in entering your email as this is the ONLY means we have of delivering your messages.
  • Once complete click the ‘Register’ button, we will check your email address and return you to the page if there is a problem. Should this happen correct the address and click ‘Register’ again.
  • We will then send an email to the address you provided with a system generated password. This can take a few minutes to find its way over the Internet to your machine so please be patient.
  • When you receive the email, login using the password supplied in the email. The next screen asks you for the Postcode of your child’s school or at least the first THREE characters – enter the
  • Postcode complete with the spaces i.e. for Wellesbourne School CV35 9QG and click ‘Continue’
  • We will now search the school database and come back to you with schools matching the postcode. Click the button to the left of the school name so as the button becomes filled in and from the drop down box towards the bottom of the screen select the description that best covers your reason for using the service i.e. Parent, Staff etc.
  • Once complete click ‘Continue’
  • Repeat the process for all your schools – when finished click the ‘Finished’ button.

How do I login?

  • To login you need to have registered.
  • Open
  • Scroll down and click the ‘Parents’ button.
  • From the next screen click the ‘Login’ button.
  • Enter the e-mail address and password exactly as emailed to you – Remember passwords are case sensitive and your initial password will be in LOWER case.
  • Click ‘Login’.
  • If you have details are correct you will be logged in and shown a relevant message from us if present – click ‘Continue’ to go to your list of schools.

NOTE:- If you are the ONLY user of the computer you are using consider clicking the ‘Remember my password’ box. This will automatically log you in to ParentMail every time you visit the site and will bypass the login process. DO NOT do this if you share a computer or you are also a school user.

School Meals

Wellesbourne CE Primary School Meals are cooked on the premises by our own team. They offer healthy, wholesome and enjoyable foods so school dinners become an enjoyable part of the day. The weekly menus can be downloaded at the bottom of the page. They are used in a 3-weekly rota, please note the dates are at the top of the menus.

Bread is available daily. All of our meat products are Red Tractor approved. All of our fish products are MSC certified.



School Uniform

Please see below for our school uniform requirements:

Either Or
Grey trousers Grey trousers
Knee length grey shorts Knee length grey shorts
Dark blue round neck sweatshirt* Grey skirt
Dark blue v-neck jumper* Grey pinafore dress
Dark blue tank top* Dark blue round neck sweatshirt*
White polo shirt Dark blue v- neck jumper*
Plain white shirt Dark blue cardigan*
White polo shirt
Plain white shirt
Blue Summer dress
Sport Sport
Pale blue T-shirt* Pale blue T-shirt*
Dark blue shorts Dark blue shorts
Dark blue hoodie (zipped or pouches) Dark blue hoodie (zipped or pouches)
Dark blue tracksuit bottoms (KS2 only) Dark blue tracksuit bottoms (KS2 only)

*denotes garments which must have a school badge, available from and Garments without an asterisk may be purchased from alternative suppliers.

In addition please note the following :

We require  – white, grey or black socks and grey, navy or black tights
– no open-toed sandals or boots, black shoes only
– navy-blue scrunchies/bobbles to tie all shoulder length hair back
– no jewellery except for a watch

Where To Buy? Ltd
Summit House
Salcombe Court
Salcombe Road
DE55 7EG
Telephone : 0844 2721888

School uniform it is now also available from the websites below: