School Staff

Wellesbourne School – Staff

The school currently (September 2019) has the children organised into 14 classes, 2 across each school year:

Year Group Teachers Class
Reception Miss J Perry / Ms J Owen/ Ms F Wigglesworth RP / ROW
Year 1 Mrs H Newman / Mrs A Pool and Mrs K Prosser 1N / 1P
Year 2 Mrs C Cooke (Assistant Head) and Mrs S Porter / Miss R Scott (KS1 Leader) 2CP / 2S
Year 3 Mrs C Simms / Mrs Hale (Assistant Head) 3S / 3H
Year 4 Miss C Wright (Lower KS2 leader) / Mrs S Battle 4W / 4B
Year 5 Mrs C Wiggins and Mrs N Dowbiggin / Miss O Watts   5DW / 5OW
Year 6 Mr Hackett (Upper KS2 leader)/Miss Johnson 6H / 6J

School Business Manager – Mrs K Jerrim

Mrs A Griffin – Pupil Premium and CLA Lead.

Ms K Ballard – SENCO

The children’s learning is ably supported by a highly effective team of support staff:

Support staff:
Mrs K Baylis Mrs D Lock Mrs D Deeley Mrs A Matthews
Mrs S Patane (DSO) Mrs K Adams Miss H Smith Mrs L Handy
Mrs A Hall Mrs C Flower Mr S Robinson Mrs T Murphy
Mrs D Harris Mrs C Bartlett Mrs E Evans Mrs S Gibbs (DSO and Asst SENCO)
Mr A Boswell Mrs Brooks Mrs Gardner Mrs J Coubrough
Mrs S Oram Mrs J Aiello Mrs S Podbury Mrs L Guyver
Mrs Clarke
Mid-day Supervisors
Mrs Flower Mrs Hunt Mrs Stanley Mrs Knight Mrs Hill Mrs Cartwright Mrs Noll Mrs Butcher Mrs Regan Mrs Coleman Mrs Whitmore Miss Fox Mrs Gittings Mrs Bollons (DSO)

Please see the Nursery section on the website for details of our Nursery staff.