Reception Exhibition

This week, Reception held a Transport Exhibition.

We could colour in different vehicles such as a car, train and a motorbike. They had a café area with biscuits – they were really tasty! They also had a Beebot fun area and we had to control them to get them to move on the road mat. The role play area was great. It had a computer, a walkie talkie, a fire engine and some fancy dress clothes. One of the best bits was the cinema and you got to watch the film ‘Cars.’ In RP there was a slideshow of the photos from their visit to Coventry Transport Museum. Outside, there was sandpit full of diggers and crates where we could make a vehicle. It was great fun!

Carter – “I liked everything! I liked the activities.”

Callum – “I enjoyed making different vehicles from playdough”

Cayden – “I like the crates because you got to make vehicles. The wheels were good for the cars. Mrs Clark took a picture of me.”

Alex – “I was impressed with everything but my favourite part was the cinema!”

Lily-Grace – “I liked playing in the fire engine and police station because I liked playing on the computers.”

Digital Camera

Year 6 visit the Isle of Wight

On Friday 23rd June, we had an early start and set off on our trip to the Isle of Wight. We were tired but excited!

After 2 hours we arrived at Stonehenge.We looked at it, took some photos and listened to a guide talking. We also saw a Stone Age burial site. It helped us to get our energy back.

Then we had to get back on the bus and travel to the ferry. It took about an hour to get to the Isle of Wight. Finally we arrived at PGL Little Canada. There were lots of red squirrels!

The first night was lots of fun but we didn’t get much sleep! We did so many fun activities over the weekend such as, tunnel trail, trapeze, zipwire, giant swing, kayaking, Jabob’s ladder, sensory trail, problem solving, capture the flag and even a disco.

We had two guides called Izzy and James. Their role was to guide us to our activities and the dining room. The food was very ‘scrumdiddlyumptious.’

We had an amazing time and were devastated to leave but we were very excited to see our parents.

Izzy – “We came back extremely bruised and tired but it was worth it!”

Emily – “The big swing was very fun but it gave me my Early Warning signs.”

Daniel – “The sensory trail was very muddy and dirty but it was fun.”

Bartosz – “I liked canoeing and splashing everyone with the salty water.”

Ariana – “At first I was scared to do the zipwire but then once I’d done it, it was fun so I did it again.”


Charlotte Edwards comes to visit!

On Thursday 15th June, we were lucky enough to meet the former England cricket captain Charlotte Edwards. She spent the day with us doing cricket skills in the sun with Year 4 and Year 5 as well as signing autographs for what seemed like the entire school!

She had come to do some filming and work with the cricket charity ‘A Chance to Shine’ and wanted to use our school as a base. We were only too happy to help.