Virtual Tours of the School

Message from the Head of School:

I’m so disappointed we can’t show you around our school as normal as it would have been lovely to meet you and show you the school in action. Normally, our wonderful Year 6 pupils would escort you on a tour of both buildings and answer all your questions as you walked around the school. Hopefully the videos on this page will give you a flavour of our school.

We are a church school with strong links to St. Peter’s in the village and our Christian ethos seeps through everything we do – service, forgiveness and friendship. Our rich, topic and text centred curriculum is our own and based upon children acquiring the key knowledge they need to develop a life-long love of learning.

While we have over 400 children attending our school, we have the benefit of being split site. This means that the school grows with your child as they move from Reception to KS1 at the smaller Annexe site and then move up to Year 3 on to the larger KS2 site until they leave at the end of Year 6. This gradual growing is excellent preparation for the eventual step up to Secondary School.

We are passionate about our children achieving their best through learning the key fruits of the spirit: Love, kindness, gentleness to name but a few. In order to achieve this, at Wellesbourne we will give your children every opportunity to thrive, to make good friendships and to leave as a well-rounded child who loves learning whilst also understanding the importance of doing their best, growing their minds and showing compassion and understanding to all others.

We have two beautiful fields, our own swimming pool and a brand new hall and kitchen at the Annexe building which we are immeasurably proud of which only add to the journey your child makes as they grow and achieve the best they can.

Enjoy the videos and we look forward to meeting you soon.

Mr. Tim Hewitt

Head of School

Reception Classrooms:


KS1 Classrooms (The Annexe) Years 1 and 2


KS2 Classrooms – Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.