Statement of Federation

Tysoe CE Primary School and Wellesbourne CE Primary School Federated in January 2015.

The two schools are led by Lindsey Oscroft with a head of school in each setting overseeing day to day management of schools.

Since federation we have a single governing body for both schools. As a federated organisation we have worked closely together, extending opportunities of provision for everyone.

Each of our schools retains their own individual budgets, admission procedures, uniform, Ofsted and SIAMS inspections. They also uphold their own distinctive ethos and traditions whilst gaining from being part of a supportive, vibrant, and Christian community with many more opportunities.

Across the federation we seek to stimulate the love of learning in our children so that they want to achieve to the very best of their abilities. Every child is valued as an individual and encouraged to reach their full potential within a setting where they are happy, confident, well cared for and, most importantly where they are kind and considerate towards each other.

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School Staff

Wellesbourne School – Staff

The school currently (September 2019) has the children organised into 14 classes, 2 across each school year:

Year Group Teachers Class
Reception Miss J Perry / Ms J Owen/ Ms F Wigglesworth RP / ROW
Year 1 Mrs H Newman / Mrs A Pool and Mrs K Prosser 1N / 1P
Year 2 Mrs C Cooke (Assistant Head) and Mrs S Porter / Miss R Scott (KS1 Leader) 2CP / 2S
Year 3 Mrs C Simms / Mrs Hale (Assistant Head) 3S / 3H
Year 4 Miss C Wright (Lower KS2 leader) / Mrs S Battle 4W / 4B
Year 5 Mrs C Wiggins and Mrs N Dowbiggin / Miss O Watts   5DW / 5OW
Year 6 Mr Hackett (Upper KS2 leader)/Miss Johnson 6H / 6J

School Business Manager – Mrs K Jerrim

Mrs A Griffin – Pupil Premium and CLA Lead.

Ms K Ballard – SENCO

The children’s learning is ably supported by a highly effective team of support staff:

Support staff:
Mrs K Baylis Mrs D Lock Mrs D Deeley Mrs A Matthews
Mrs S Patane (DSO) Mrs K Adams Miss H Smith Mrs L Handy
Mrs A Hall Mrs C Flower Mr S Robinson Mrs T Murphy
Mrs D Harris Mrs C Bartlett Mrs E Evans Mrs S Gibbs (DSO and Asst SENCO)
Mr A Boswell Mrs Brooks Mrs Gardner Mrs J Coubrough
Mrs S Oram Mrs J Aiello Mrs S Podbury Mrs L Guyver
Mrs Clarke
Mid-day Supervisors
Mrs Flower Mrs Hunt Mrs Stanley Mrs Knight Mrs Hill Mrs Cartwright Mrs Noll Mrs Butcher Mrs Regan Mrs Coleman Mrs Whitmore Miss Fox Mrs Gittings Mrs Bollons (DSO)

Please see the Nursery section on the website for details of our Nursery staff.


Wellesbourne and Tysoe CE Primary Schools – The Federation Governing Body

School Governors are important volunteers in education. The governing body has specific duties given to it by law including : agreeing school development priorities, monitoring and evaluating the performance of the school, agreeing school policies and agreeing an annual budget detailing planned spending and staffing. Minutes of meetings are available on request.

The Governing Body
Chair:              Larry Granelly (co-opted)
Vice Chair:      Mike Glover (co-opted)

Lindsey Oscroft, Executive Head

Michael Glover – Foundation

Laura Day – Foundation
Paige Neale, Head of School, Tysoe

Tim Hewitt, Head of School, Wellesbourne
Jill Bason – Co-opted

Alison Edwards- Co-opted

Iain Donnelly – Parent Governor

Catherine Simms (Staff governor)
Ruth Mercer – Co-opted

Barry Saunders – Co-opted

Nicola Field – Parent
Kathryn Smith – Co-opted
Geoff Blundall – Co-opted (Safeguarding Governor)
TBC  – Foundation

Clerk to the Governors

Mrs L Barnes






Other Panels / Committees

Pupil Discipline Committee – all Governors – panel to be appointed as & when dependent on availability
Hearings & Appeals Committee – all Governors – panel to be appointed as & when dependent on availability

Pay Committee – it was agreed that this should continue to be carried out by Finance Cttee

Christian Foundation Sub-Group – existing membership to continue. (Membership and operation of Sub_Group to be considered at December BoG meeting.)

Paper copies  available on request 

Church and Local Links

Our Christian Core Values are: Forgiveness, friendship and Service.

Church Links

st-peters-churchBeing mindful of our Christian Foundation, we aim to provide a secure, happy, caring, healthy and challenging school which will enable all children to develop to their full potential, whilst learning to be responsible for each other and their environment, acquiring skills and knowledge to become adaptable, openminded and compassionate young people.

As a Church of England School, we are linked with the churches of St Peter’s Wellesbourne and St James’s Walton D’Eivile. We enjoy strong, mutually supportive links with the churches, especially St. Peter’s.

The whole school visits St Peter’s Church to celebrate St Peter’s Day in June, as well as at Christmas, Easter and Harvest Festival when the children take an active part in the church services. These services are open to everyone in the community and it is delightful to see so many people attending, even if they are not directly connected to the School. This is perhaps an indirect measure of the support the community as a whole gives to the School. The sight of the whole school walking to the church helps to develop a bond between the School and the community; this is a welcome part of village life for young and old alike.

Click here for our School Prayer

Local Links


“I’m still quite new to Wellesbourne, but I’m really enjoying building a relationship with this fab school! The Christian faith seeps through every aspect of school life, especially in its care for those who are struggling, both pupils and staff. I’m proud that we as a church have such strong links here.  If you see me around, do stop me and say hi!” Reverend Greg.


When can my child start school?

In Warwickshire children start Infant or Primary School the September after their fourth birthday. The law says all children must start school by the beginning of the term after their fifth birthday. If a child attends an Infant School, they will transfer to a Junior/Primary School in the September following their seventh birthday.

When should I apply for a school place?

The first year of school in Warwickshire is called Reception Year. You will need to apply for your child’s first school place in the September prior to your child starting school. For children starting school in September 2021 application forms are available from September 2020. All forms must be completed and returned to the Admissions Service by January 2021.

Please click here to be taken to the Warwickshire County Council Primary School Admissions Page

You will be informed which school you have been allocated in March/April 2021.

Wellesbourne CE Primary School hold a meeting for New Parents of children entering school in the June prior to their September start.

This online presentation has now taken place for a number of years, and was set up in order to provide more information to you as parents, prior to your child starting school next year.

Our meeting is intended to provide you with information that might allow you to make a more informed choice of school, and to guide you through the application process.