Church and Local Links

Our Christian Core Values are: Forgiveness, friendship and Service.

Church Links

st-peters-churchBeing mindful of our Christian Foundation, we aim to provide a secure, happy, caring, healthy and challenging school which will enable all children to develop to their full potential, whilst learning to be responsible for each other and their environment, acquiring skills and knowledge to become adaptable, openminded and compassionate young people.

As a Church of England School, we are linked with the churches of St Peter’s Wellesbourne and St James’s Walton D’Eivile. We enjoy strong, mutually supportive links with the churches, especially St. Peter’s.

The whole school visits St Peter’s Church to celebrate St Peter’s Day in June, as well as at Christmas, Easter and Harvest Festival when the children take an active part in the church services. These services are open to everyone in the community and it is delightful to see so many people attending, even if they are not directly connected to the School. This is perhaps an indirect measure of the support the community as a whole gives to the School. The sight of the whole school walking to the church helps to develop a bond between the School and the community; this is a welcome part of village life for young and old alike.

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Local Links


“I’m still quite new to Wellesbourne, but I’m really enjoying building a relationship with this fab school! The Christian faith seeps through every aspect of school life, especially in its care for those who are struggling, both pupils and staff. I’m proud that we as a church have such strong links here.  If you see me around, do stop me and say hi!” Reverend Greg.