About Wellesbourne CE School Nursery

Our aim at Wellesbourne Nursery is to provide seamless high quality care and education for all nursery children, in a welcoming and comfortable environment that is provided by our excellent nursery staff for children aged 2 to school age.


Position Name
Lead Mrs Fran Wigglesworth
Playworker Mrs Alison Robinson
Playworker Mrs Sonya Garstang
Playworker Mrs Lucy Siviter
Playworker Mrs Liz Ireland
Admin Mrs Melanie Clooney-Gardner

To access more information on the Early Years Foundation Stage please follow this link: http://www.foundationyears.org.uk/what-to-expect-when/

Nursery Education Funding

  • Each child can claim for a maximum of 15hrs grant funded care the term after their 3rd birthday.
  • Funded sessions are 8.45-11.45, and 12.30-3.30.
  • Additional hours will be charged at the current hourly rate.
  • Those parents booking for Nursery Education Funded sessions only and not taking additional services do not have to pay the £45 deposit required to reserve sessions, this deposit includes a £20 administration fee which will be charge if additional services are taken up after the child starts nursery.
  • Fees will be reviewed every year, we will always aim to provide affordable education and childcare for the children attending our nursery.
  • At least one month’s notice will be given of any fee changes.